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APS Pune helped me in realising my skills and potential as a designer. It has helped me in respecting my dreams and also made me feel proud about my passion and goals in life. I always got a helping hand from the faculty and they all wished nothing but best for me wherever I used to go in any competition. I feel really grateful for my education in APS Pune. I am still learning and growing but nevertheless the seeds once sowed are to be respected and be thankful for.
I don’t have words to explain the role that APS Pune played in moulding me to a thorough professional and I won’t shy away from accepting the fact that APS Pune played a more proactive role in my overall development than the any other institution that I have attended. I would like to grab this opportunity to express my immense gratitude to Ms. Amrita Mathur, Ms. Shaheen Quazi, Ms. Suman Tiwary and Mr. Anil Kumar Singh for their unparalleled contribution not only in my career but also in my life.
Attending school at APS, Pune provided me with some great teachers and a very healthy and competitive environment which in turn increased my confidence and pushed me to pursue a career of my choice. Thanks to the encouragement from my teacher, Mrs. Amrita Mathur, I stood for the post of the house captain in 11th grade for which I was selected. Being a house captain taught me to be more responsible, disciplined and helped me develop leadership qualities. Teachers like Amrita ma’am, Paresh sir, Veena Sapre ma’am, Thapa sir to name a few, and many others are not just your teachers, they guide you in your life, they inspire you follow your dreams, and make you a better person every day.
For the six years I spent in the beautiful campus of APS, Pune, the journey would be one I would remember and cherish all my life. The teachers, my classmates, and the school's aura not only enhanced my academic skills but also made me a better human being. Every APSite I converse with, five years after passing out, they all say the same "APS Pune was one of a kind." The Army life, Sports day, Annual Day, inspections, and even the Terrorist-Safety Drill we had during our time, still feel like fresh memories. The attention, the care, the learnings, everything APS Pune gives its students is exemplary and can't be matched anywhere else. The proficiency of the teachers in their subjects and the way everyone taught me was impressive. I wish I could revisit the school soon and live a day as a student of APS Pune again.
APS Pune helped me open my mind and be creative. I have cultivated the ability to have different views. That skill helps me explore my mind and be more sensitive. And the best part was all the teachers are so good that they helped me in every situation. Thanks a lot…..!!!
Having spent my plus 2 years at APS Ghorpadi, it proved to be the perfect backdrop to my formative years It was an amalgamation of co-curriculars, academics, sports and more. In my short time there, I received and learnt a lot. From public speaking to leadership skills, I was pushed to newer and higher limits every day. I’m most obliged to my teachers, for their willingness and openness in helping me secure the opportunities I received. Amidst the British Era barracks of the school, I was gifted with my most cherished memories and dearest friends. I’m grateful to the opportunities provided by my school and the time I spent there. I am confident that the oncoming batches too shall receive the morals, opportunities, learnings and support I was given and more.